The following facilities and services are at your disposal:



Belgian distribution transport

A.J. Veurink offers you:

  • City-trucks with 2-axle city-trailers for smooth transport
  • A tailgate on each trailer
  • A powered pallet jack truck with each delivery

Our drivers leave early in the morning as each delivery is loaded in the evening and overnight.

You can count on us for:

  • Storage of (sea)containers
  • Stock management
  • Order-picking
  • Support from our logistics services
  • Cross-docking, repacking, packing and preparation for dispatch
International groepage

For international groupage you can count on:

  • Groupage transport with direct collections and direct deliveries
  • Export of groupage consignments
  • Import of groupage consignments is possible. Daily or weekly load capabilities within our work area with direct deliveries on the West-Flanders route.
  • Full loads and high-volume transport
  • Daily Export is possible from the province of West-Flanders to any West-European destination. Import is possible several times per week for loads within our work area to the province of West-Flanders.
  • Daily departure with direct delivery to the Netherlands within 24 hours after loading.
  • Daily departure with direct delivery to France between 24 and 72 hours after loading.
Tracking & tracing


A.J. Veurink works with the latest on-board computers and transport software.
So that you can monitor the status of your consignment at any time.
In the very near future, it will be possible to call up your documents and consignment status online through our website.
The tool "my order" enables automated order dispatch and label printing.


The following facilities and services are at your disposal:

  • A 5,500 m2 logistic centre
  • 15 covered loading docks
  • Warehouse racking
  • The possibility to repack, pack and prepare your products for dispatch
  • The possibility for storage and transhipment of goods on pallets (not ADR-classified)
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